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October Education Profile: Niagara College GIS-GM Program

October 03, 2018 2:13 PM | Anonymous

Niagara College GIS-GM Program - October Education Profile: 

An alternative to the traditional Master's Degree, the Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Management (GIS-GM) allows for the development of an application based skill set that compliments existing experience and expertise within the student's chosen field. 

 Graduates of the Niagara College GIS-GM program are highly motivated and superbly qualified individuals that are valuable additions to a diverse range of businesses and agencies that employ geospatial sciences.  Three semesters of advanced course work over a one 10-month period are required to successfully complete the program, with courses ranging from Data Acquisition (Surveying and Remote Sensing), through Spatial Analysis/Modelling to Applications and Software/Web Development.  

The cornerstone of this graduate program is the Applied Thesis Project.  Students create formal proposals to address real-world challenges brought forward by real-world ‘clients’.  Projects are managed with formal Project Control/Tracking techniques to assure that solutions are delivered on-time and within the proposed budget.  Applied Thesis Projects are significant challenges from a technical/analytical perspective, requiring innovative applications of geomatics science.

“I have been very privileged to be a part of this innovative program that has given young and new geospatial applications scientists an opportunity to experience what is often their first professional experience in our field!
Ian Smith M.Sc., B.Math., OLS, OLIP
Professor and GIS-GM Program Coordinator

Niagara College students and GIS Professionals enjoying the GoGeomatics Back to School social, sponsored by BeSpatial / urisa ontario:

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