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Creative Strategies for Geospatial and Information Professionals

Strategic approaches to new technology implementations, location-based intelligence and workforce management.  

Executive Forum Presenters

Workshop : Advanced FME Training Full Day

Stop Preparing for the Future of Work

Lisa Taylor,  President,  Challenge Factory

Insight Statement: Our lens is the Future of Work. We focus on identifying problems and organizing studies, as well as using our existing research and sharing the results with our clients. Together, we implement change that will take your organization to new levels and prepare you for future success. We don't just advise; we do.

Artificial Intelligence in Public Sector, Channeling out Thoughts into Building Smart and Intelligent Cities

Insight Statement:  AI utilization in public sector and how it is helping us in channeling our thoughts into building smart and intelligent cities.

Kalyan Chakravarthy, Chief Information Officer, Durham Region

Kalyan Chakravarthy(KC) is Chief Information Officer for the Regional Municipality of Durham. In this position he is responsible for establishing and implementing a long-term technology strategy for the Region. KC has over 20 years of experience in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He graduated his MBA from Smith School of Business and did a certificate course on Artificial Intelligence from MIT.

Presentation and Demonstration of workforce assessment using Predictive Analytics

Insight Statement:  

Presenter: Stephen Flowers, Principal, Predictive Success

Presentation about Blockchain, Convergence Inc.

Presenters: Chami Akmeemana, CEOAdam Lemmon, Manager, Engineering Operations; Eric Zvaigzne, VP, Product Innovation; and Jim Whitestone, Chief Environmental and Financial Economist at Convergence.Tech;

Objective: Improve your FME skills, build even better workspaces, get some practical experience.

Prerequisite: General knowledge of FME, Laptop with FME installed (we will provide free training licenses)

We will learn of advanced FME topics and finish the day with some challenging exercises where you get to apply your new skills.
Topics we will look at:

Advanced Attribute Handling

  • Constructing values
  • FME functions
  • Conditional values
  • Multiple feature attributes
  • Null attribute

Performance Considerations

We will look at techniques that help us evaluate the performance of our workspaces and improve their efficiency.

  • Performance and FME
  • 64-bit FME
  • Log file interpretation
  • Reader and writer optimization
  • Transformer optimization
  • Parallel processing

Advanced Reading and Writing

We will look at different techniques for reading and writing data.

  • Writing zip files
  • Fanouts
  • Dynamic conversions
  • Dynamic schema handling
  • Advanced dynamic schemas

About the Presenter

Presenter: Lesley MacKenzie, Senior Business Analyst at Consortech

Bio: Lesley MacKenzie graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. She is passionate about geomatics and has been working in the field for over 15 years. Her main focus is leveraging ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) with the context of data workflow and process optimization.

At Consortech, Lesley provides consulting, training and solution design services on various GIS and IT platforms including Safe Software’s FME Desktop and FME Server. Her motivation lies in helping her customers develop automated data workflow processes so they can focus on the fun stuff, real GIS work! Lesley was one of the first specialist in North America to obtain Safe Software’s FME Certified Trainer and FME Certified Professional certifications.

The Full day workshop event is sponsored by Consortech and hosted by BeSpatial'21.

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