BeSpatial'19 Keynote Speaker - Coming Soon!

Check out our special 2 Day events! 

May 1 - BeSpatial'19

Annual General Meeting, Program Sessions, Awards Ceremony and BeSocial Networking Event

May 2 - BeSmart'19

Executive Forum plus Workshops

May 1 & 2 - Exhibits

Presentation Opportunities - BeSpatial'19 topics - see details on these topics below and more to be covered in the Program sessions

 1.       Governance

2.       Technologies                               

    3.       Case Studies

    a.   Smart data privacy, ownership, accessibility a.  Sensors a.  Examples of  Smart initiatives
    b.  Smart data value models b.  Integrating technologies         b.  Smart Strategies – examples 

    c.   PPP initiative funding models and

    c.  Storage space technologies and                                       

    c. Smart benefits and opportunities                                           
    d.   Digital strategy and guiding principles toward becoming a 'Smart City/Community'

    d.  Presentation                                                                                                                       

     and much more ....

    For a complete list of Presentation topics, Please visit: Call for Presentations details

    Wednesday, May 1 and 2, 2019 @ the Bayview Club

    Program Highlights

    BeSpatial 'Call for Presentations' is now open until February 15th 2019.

    Stay tuned for highlights on the schedule, presentation abstracts and information about each speakers.

    Stay tuned for sign in info to Sched which will provide registrants with online program details and permit YOU to tell us a little about yourself to share with other attendees.

    Reserve your seat today!

    Consultant's Corner

    Presenters will have an opportunity in the Exhibit area to talk one on one at  our new Consultants Corner. Please contact: BeSpatial if you are interested in participating in this and a space will be assigned.

    BeSpatial / BeSmart'19: Creating Business Value and Social Impact 

    BeSpatial / BeSmart'19 - Executive Forum

    Executive Forum panel topics:

    • Legal and Political Challenges in Data Collection and Access
    • Data Analytics, Open Data and Smart Business Decisions
    • Community Broadband and Economic Development
    • Public-Private Partnership (P3), Challenges and Opportunities
    • Benchmarking Leading Practices in Service Delivery, Canadian Smart Cities Challenge
    • Building Smart Cities and Communities of the Future

    Data, data, data everywhere - All kinds of data - geospatial, open, proprietary, shared and personal.

    But whose data is it anyway? Who is responsible for the integrity of the data and safeguarding associated personal information?

    How is data being utilized in the creation of smart communities? What do such public-private alliances say about who owns the data?,Can it be licensed to third parties, commercialized, and re-used for purposes not initially identified? How might geospatial data help in attracting new community investment and creating jobs?

    Day 2 Executive Forum is the second of Two full days of sessions planned to address the importance of geospatial and information to the successful realization of Smart initiatives. Topics will cover geospatial, privacy, data essentials, challenges, opportunities, and much more…  

    Join us on May 2, 2019, to learn the answers to these and a host of related questions.

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