BeSpatial / BeSmart'19: Creating Business Value and Social Impact   

Overview: Executive Forum Event: May 2, 2019 

Bayview Club, 25 Fairway Drive, Thornhill L3T 3X1


"If you want your business to succeed, lead by gaining the trust of your customers. The best way to do this is by ensuring that their privacy is respected and their data are strongly protected. Embedding privacy, by design, into your operations builds trust and loyalty like no other -- leading to a strong competitive advantage: Win/Win!" - Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Data, data, data everywhere - All kinds of data - geospatial, open, proprietary, shared and personal.

But whose data is it anyway? Who is responsible for the integrity of the data and safeguarding associated personal information?

How is data being utilized in the creation of smart communities? What do such public-private alliances say about who owns the data? Can it be licensed to third parties, commercialized, and re-used for purposes not initially identified? How might geospatial data help in attracting new community investment and creating jobs?

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Day 2 Executive Forum is the second of Two full days of sessions planned to address the importance of geospatial and information to the successful realization of Smart initiatives. Topics will cover geospatial, privacy, data essentials, challenges, opportunities, and much more… 

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