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LiDAR for Dummies: Published LiDAR Specifications and How To Use Them

As LiDAR is becoming a main stream product for applications across various government agencies and private sector businesses, various specifications are being published to help procurers and users decide what to purchase. This webinar will introduce five publications that are available; ASPRS, USGS, Federal Airborne LiDAR Acquisition Guideline and the Ontario Specifications for LiDAR Acquisition. The presentation will begin with an overview of LiDAR, then will continue with the highlights of each specification and how to use them in a way that will benefit your project and your stakeholders.

The Webinar will be hosted by Mirjana Strajin, Application Development Coordinator from the City of Oakville/Program Director of BeSpatial/URISA Ontario, and presented by Susan Muleme Kasumba, Business Development Manager from Airborne Imaging, and Eastern Section Director of BeSpatial/URISA Ontario.

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Call for Presentations

BeSpatial (URISA Ontario) will be offering an exciting series of single-day conferences and lunch hour webinars as presenters are confirmed. You are invited to submit a topical presentation for a webinar, conference, either, or both. 

These events are opportunities for our membership to learn about best practices, network with industry experts, and get more information about emerging trends in the geospatial sector. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to share the successes and challenges of your organization. 

Vendors are encouraged to submit a case study presentation in partnership with a customer. Click here to  sponsor an event or webinar series to deliver a Sponsor Presentation.

Sample Presentation Topics

  • GIS management practices
  • Adopting new technologies/processes in small, medium, or large organizations
  • Managing the infrastructure deficit
  • Budget, accounting, and GIS
  • Automation
  • Adapting for Climate Change
  • Data Portals/Open Data
  • GIS in the Field
  • Collaborations and Partnerships

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Past Webinars

Implementation of an Enterprise-wide Common Street Address Database

held Thursday, June 28, 2018

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Peterborough Leverages Ecopia's Visual Recognition Solution for HQ Property Vector Map

Developing vector maps from geospatial imagery is slow, difficult, and inaccurate which hinders the creation of new unique maps necessary for commercial + government entities. The County of Peterborough used Ecopia’s data service to significantly reduce the time to create a building footprint layer for their online portal. Based on the accuracy of the results the information has also been circulated to other departments to assist in other areas of managing the county. Learn about how deep learning algorithms are significantly increasing the accuracy and efficiency surrounding automated feature extraction from immense amounts of Earth Imagery.

 Presented by Tammy Sikma, County of Peterborough, Manager of GIS and URISA member and Bill Singleton VP of Ecopia Tech.

Introduction to sUAS

What You Need to Know for Buying, Flying, Applying and Complying (in 30 minutes)

Small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), commonly referred to as drones, are currently transforming how business is done and products delivered in numerous markets. If you have been thinking of buying a sUAS but are not sure where to start or have already purchased an sUAS and don’t know what to do, this webinar has you covered. This webinar will touch upon the different types of sUAS, ancillary technologies, application opportunities, data processing options and most importantly what you need to know to fly safely and responsibly in a recreational or research/commercial setting. This webinar will pay particular attention to current Transport Canada regulations and the Special Flight Operations Certificate process.

 Trevis Gigliotti is the Executive Director and Founder of Principal Point Geospatial Solutions (PPGS). PPGS is a not-for-profit strategic consulting organization mandated to proliferate the adoption of geospatial technologies through research, outreach and action. Trevis also oversees the operations of Unmanned Aviation a drone flight-training provider. Trevis is an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist and has held a variety of roles in the geospatial industry over the past 17 years.

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