Welcome to Your Geospatial Community in Ontario

A geospatial-focused association that is recognized as the premier non-profit organization for the  geospatial community  in Ontario. The Association promotes information sharing and interoperability with other relevant professional organizations, government organizations, private industry and educational institutions. 

The extent of cooperation with and between and other Ontario organizations is voluntary but is encouraged. The Board of Directors is striving to meet members’ expectations for services, programs, and initiatives, which are designed to be relevant and helpful in dealing with challenges and opportunities in the workplace. Member participation in the Association's programs is voluntary but encouraged. Member feedback and ongoing communication with the board is very important to the success of programs and initiatives.


The Association's Strategy sets goals, priorities and action items, which are important to the members. The overarching goal of the strategy is to provide high quality and affordable services that respond to the needs of members and contribute to continuous improvement of their professional knowledge.

For more information, contact us or read the history here.

Mission Statement

Fostering Excellence in GIS

Provide the Ontario geospatial community with programs, services and networking opportunities contributing to professional development and excellence in geospatial implementations.


A geospatial-centric organization fostering learning and knowledge sharing.

Guiding Principles

Advocacy                                           Advocate with all relevant organizations on behalf of our members and their needs.

Membership Participation           Facilitate active membership involvement in all aspects of the Association's operation.

Effectiveness                                    Set and accomplish organizational goals, safeguard organizational assets and make efficient use of resources.

Leadership                                        Plan and develop programs and initiatives which help to deal with issues important to members.

Partnerships                                     Actively seek out partnerships with other professional organizations, not for profit organizations,    community groups, educational institutions, government organizations and private businesses.

Sustainability                                   Integrate legal, social, economic, business and fiscal perspectives in our actions.

For the Purposes of ....... Bridging the Gap

Creating a shared understanding of the concepts, issues, and technology of spatially related information management among persons in operations, management and policy making;

Interdisciplinary Approach

Promoting an effective interdisciplinary approach to implementing, maintaining, and utilizing spatially related data, information systems and technology;

Knowledge Exchange

Establishing the vehicle(s) for informing members of industry developments, and for the exchange of members' experiences and viewpoints;

Strong Voice

Providing a focal point for the presentation and dissemination of members' concerns regarding industry standards and economic and legislative matters as they pertain to the use of spatially related information systems.

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