Wednesday, May 2, 2018 @ University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus

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Esri Canada provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions that empower people in government, business and education to make informed and timely decisions by leveraging the power of mapping and spatial analytics. GIS facilitates operational awareness and multi-agency collaboration.

Municipal, provincial and federal governments leverage Esri technology to improve service delivery, accountability and fiscal management. Location analytics reveal patterns, risks and opportunities that can enhance infrastructure/asset management, economic development, land use planning, census and elections, routing and dispatch of government services. This technology also enables greater transparency, allowing residents to access more information online.

Teranet is an international leader and pioneer in electronic land registration systems and commerce.

 Teranet is the exclusive provider of Ontario’s online property search and registration. We developed, own and operate the Ontario Electronic Land Registration System – one of the most advanced, secure and sophisticated land registration systems in the world. Teranet also provides online access to Ontario’s Writs System.

Teranet also offers a complementary suite of innovative solutions for a number of key industries, including real estate, financial services, law, and government and utilities.

Teranet continues to grow its global footprint. A Teranet affiliate entity holds an interest in Foster Moore International Ltd, a New Zealand-based global market players in the government register sector.

Founded in 1989 and based out of Montreal, CONSORTECH is an industry leader in data integration, processing, and automation with cutting-edge expertise in geospatial and enterprise data. Our company helps government entities and private organizations better manage their land and infrastructure, while leveraging the existing IT architecture in place.

Consortech offers unique consulting services that help organizations take complete advantage of all their data through the advanced use of a neutral ETL technology. As a Platinum partner for Safe Software (FME), our certified FME professionals create intelligent connections between systems, databases and business groups. We take existing manual data tasks and create automated data workflows and services that save significant time, resources, and money.

Our mission is to help organizations gain better access to high-quality and enriched data on which they can confidently base decisions for the benefit of their communities. Smart Cities, Open Data and Digital Connectivity (IoT): Consortech stands out because of its ability to open up new opportunities by increasing the value of underutilized data.


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The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) is the governing body for land surveyors and land information professionals in Ontario. It was established in 1892. From that time, it has played a vital role in the development of the Province of Ontario. It is responsible for the regulation of the practice of professional land surveying and the governance of its members in order that the public interest may be protected. The AOLS issues licences to Cadastral (legal boundary) Surveyors and Certificates of Registration to specialists in Geodesy, Geographic Information Management, Hydrography or Photogrammetry. Ontario Land Surveyors are respected worldwide for their knowledge and expertise in their respective disciplines.

For over 50 years Cansel has helped organizations in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, printing, utilities, forestry, and government sectors measure, analyze, design, and build more efficiently and profitably. Cansel’s national team of professionals combine software, hardware and services to provide tailored solutions to improve your workflow, from field to finish.

First Base Solutions (FBS) delivers high quality geospatial data and customer mapping solutions to organizations across North America. Visualizing complex information using orthophoto and spatial data enables organizations to save time and money, by efficiently managing projects, offering superior service and outdoing the competition with improved day-to-day decision making. FBS caters to organizations with diverse mapping needs, technical expertise and budgets.

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