Bets may now be placed at legal sites in Ontario, which means the industry is officially up and running in the province.

Those who are at least 19 years old and are physically located in the province will be able to access it by downloading an app or signing onto a website.

Where to Place Wagers on Different Sports in Ontario

How Sports Betting Operates in the Province of Ontario

Wagers placed on the outcome of a sporting event, whether it is a single game or the entire season, are known as sports bets.

When it comes to entertainment, having “skin in the game” is fantastic, and when it comes to money, having some “skin in the game” is hopefully even better.

It’s fantastic to enjoy yourself while doing it, but winning some money is even better.


Understanding How Betting Lines Work

Virtually every athletic event has at least one betting line attached to it in today’s world.

The “American Odds” system is the default used by most sports betting websites, so you should become used to seeing quotes in that format.

The unfavourable American odds represent the amount of money you have to risk to earn $100.

For instance, a regular bet will likely have odds of -110, which indicates that sports bettors need to risk $110 to gain $100.

The opposite of unfavourable odds, favourable odds show how much you win on a $100 gamble. For example, +180 odds suggest that sports bettors gain $180 on a $100 stake.

The Amounts That Can Be Bet

The amount wagered and the chances of the bet both impact the potential winnings.

You increase your chances of winning by increasing your wager.

The opposite is also true: the greater the risk you take, the greater the potential loss.

Sports bettors can transform minor risks into rewards by wagering on a considerable underdog or participating in a multi-leg parlay. Still, the odds on the bet reflect the reality that it is unlikely that the bettor would win the bet.

The number of your bets should reflect your personal preferences and levels of risk tolerance and the capacity of your bankroll to weather financial setbacks.

There is some truth to the adage that advises people to “bet with their heads and not over it.”

You shouldn’t put so much on the line that a losing run can knock you out of the competition.


Choosing an Online Gambling Site Based in Ontario

As a result of the fact that you will place all of your wagers through online betting sites, selecting a bookmaker that is suitable for your needs is of the utmost importance.

Ensure that you are familiar with the user interface of both the mobile app and the website.

In addition to this, the site must load swiftly.

The odds on sports can change, but this is especially true while you are live betting.

You never want to lose a bet because your software is frozen upon you.

Check if the site offers odds comparable to those provided by other betting sites.

Bettors interested in making a profit over the long term need to prioritize securing the tremendous possible odds whenever they place a wager.

And last, be sure that you can and swiftly access your cash if you need them.

There is some variety in the pace of withdrawals and the number of methods you may receive your money on betting sites. Betting sites allow you to make deposits and start betting relatively fast, but there is some variance in the speed of withdrawals.

Different Categories of Wagers in Ontario

There are a variety of different approaches to betting on sports.

There are several kinds of wagers which are most naturally suited to a specific sport.

One example would be that a spread bet is ideal for the National Football League (NFL) but not so much for hockey.

The following is a summary of some of the most well-known ones.

Moneyline Bet

Wagers placed on the money line are bets placed on the winner of a game.

Let’s say you go to a game between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, and you see a line that has the Leafs favoured by 290 points and the Habs favoured by 240 points.

Bettors on the Maple Leafs would need to risk $290 to gain $100, while a wager of $100 on the Canadiens would bring the gambler a return of $240.

There are three-way money lines in sports like soccer, which allow bettors to choose “draw” as one of their wagering options.

Also, hockey money lines feature 60-minute alternatives, and one of those possibilities is a “tie” bet with a price connected to it.

Live Betting

A wager placed during the play of an ongoing game is known as a “live bet.”

You’re watching the New York Yankees take on the Toronto Blue Jays, and the game is still scoreless in the fourth inning. But, based on what you’ve seen so far, you believe the Jays are about to have a productive inning.

Perhaps the odds in your sportsbook’s Live Bets section are +130 for the Blue Jays to come out on top.

Between pitches, you can go to your book and place a wager at any time.

Spread Bets

A straight bet with the addition of a point spread is referred to as a spread bet.

The Jets are giving 10.5 points to the Bills in this game.

If you bet on the Bills to win, you will collect your winnings if they do so by a score of 11 points or more.

Online betting companies often set their price spreads at -110, which means that to earn $100 on a bet like this, you will need to risk an amount equal to 110 times your initial wager.


Bets known as parlays include combining at least two and often more individual wagers, known as “legs.”

Each bet that makes up the parlay must successfully win the parlay.

A parlay can be constructed out of straight bets, money lines, totals, and proposition bets.

Additionally, you can parlay across many sports.

Do you want to combine a bet on the money line for the Toronto Maple Leafs with a wager on the over/under for the game between the Blue Jays and the Buffalo Bills, or the Buffalo Bills getting minus 7.5 points against the New England Patriots?

You can make something of all of it.

The payouts for parlays are determined by the individual betting odds of each leg and the total number of legs in the parlay.

The more legs there are in a race or, the higher the sports betting odds on the legs, the larger the payoff will be for online sports gambling.


Totals Betting or Over/Unders

Betting on the total points (or runs, or goals, etc.) scored by both sides combined is referred to as a “Over/Under” bet, and it can also be referred to simply as “Total.”

Consider that the combined score of the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics is 215.5 points.

If you bet on the Over, you will collect your winnings if the cumulative score of both teams is 216 points or higher.

On the other hand, a victory is awarded to the Under wager if the total score is 215 or less.

As is the case with conventional spread bets, totals are priced at -110 most of the time.


Bets on the future are often placed on specific events expected to occur before the end of a given season.

For instance, you may come across a line that reads, “Toronto Blue Jays +1800 to win the next World Series.”

If the Blue Jays win the championship, a wager of $100 will return $1,800 to the bettor.

Futures bets on win totals are also prevalent, and one example of this would be the Over/Under 42.5 victory total for the Raptors this season.

Prop Bets

Bets that are placed on a specific accomplishment are known as proposition bets.

There are player props such as “Josh Allen to throw Over/Under 1.5 TD passes vs. the Dolphins,” and team props such as “Toronto Raptors Over/Under 8.5 3-pointers vs. the Miami Heat.”

Even something as seemingly insignificant as the outcome of the next play from scrimmage in a football game might be the subject of a live prop bet.

The Most Commonly Bet-On Sports and Events

The more specialized options that online bookies provide will vary from one another.

However, novice bettors need not be concerned because each event will cover the significant sports significantly.

Here is a taste of what you should anticipate receiving.

nhl black


In Ontario, the most common bets on NHL betting sites are money lines and totals, which are similar to wagers placed on MLB games but provide a few extra betting alternatives.

Similar to how betting is done in MLB, there is something called the “Puck Line,” It allows you to gamble with a 1.5-goal spread.

Additional money lines allow you to bet on either team to win or a tie at the end of the regulation period. These lines are referred to as 3-way money lines.

Imagine that you want to place a wager on the Toronto Maple Leafs, but they are currently playing the Boston Bruins.

The regular money line may put the Leafs at -230.

There is a possibility that the Puck Line will read something like Maple Leafs +105, but considering that you are giving away 1.5 goals, they will need to win by at least 2.

In addition, you can go with the 3-way market and place a wager on the Maple Leafs Moneyline at about -150. In this instance, you will only win if the Leafs wind up winning the game in regulation.

nfl logo


The National Football League is the closest thing to a perfect betting sport today.

The scoring level is low enough that each change will be intriguing, but it is not so intense that it will cause you to question whether or not you will ever see a score.

In addition, the typical gap of thirty to forty seconds that exists between plays is the ideal amount of time for placing a live bet.

The point spreads and total bets in the NFL are pretty popular options.

In addition, if you are interested in Futures, there is a thriving sports betting market on Super Bowl odds and team Win Totals beginning in the spring. This market is open throughout the offseason.

NBA logo


Betting on the NBA can be both easy and challenging all at once.

When handicapping NBA games, there are essentially just three stats that need to be considered.

That is the speed of play that is anticipated for each game and the offensive effectiveness of each side.

As a result of this, spreads and totals are both relatively common.

NBA props such as “total amount of threes” or individual props such as “how many points will Lebron James score” are also quite popular.



Betting on Major League Baseball is a entertaining grind.

Because there are 162 games played during a baseball season, there is exciting activity practically every day.

The most common types of wagers placed on Major League Baseball games are Moneyline betting on the game-winner and over/under wagers on the total runs scored.

Betting websites typically include five-inning money lines as well as over/under for bettors who wish to reduce their exposure to the danger of bullpens.

There is also something called an MLB Run Line, which allows you to wager on a game with a spread of 1.5 runs.

Bets placed on Major League Baseball games are often dependent on the starting pitchers specified on the wager; hence, if there is a late change in the starting pitchers, the bet will simply be voided.

College Sports

For first-time gamblers, betting on college football is nothing but pure entertainment.

The actual game has many uneven matchups, but the fact that point spreads and totals are used helps keep things entertaining despite this.

In the same way, as with the National Football League, the offseason is when futures markets are at their peak popularity.

You can place bets on conference champions, playoff qualifiers, and winners almost as soon as the final score of the championship is tallied.

The team wins total over/underlines, which are published in the spring and are also quite popular, may be found.

Who doesn’t like filling out their brackets for the March Madness tournament?

Most online betting firms host tournaments with prizes ranging from zero dollars to thousands of dollars.

You may, of course, place bets on any of the games that are being played.

In addition, the season does not officially begin when the attention of the entire globe is drawn to the sport in March.

The month of November marks the beginning of their regular season, during which they compete in both traditional games and tournaments, practically all of which include point spreads and totals.

Other Betting Market Options Available in Ontario

In addition to the major sports, there is a plethora of other material upon which one can wager.

Online betting companies provide markets for events taking place worldwide, but soccer is often considered the most important sport in the world.

Many gamblers are also enthusiastic spectators of specific sports such as golf, tennis, and motor racing.

If you want to go even farther into the rabbit hole, certain betting providers will let you place bets on games that are considered to be more specialized, such as darts and table tennis.

When it comes to the many various betting markets, the possibilities are virtually endless.

DraftKings Sportsbook Ontario, which is well-known for offering a varied assortment of betting markets, is an example of an online gambling platform that caters to a wide variety of needs.


Wagering on Sports Online in the Province of Ontario

At the moment, wagering on sporting events is permitted in Ontario.

The first-day online betting firms accepted wagers from mobile devices was April 4, 2022.

It is anticipated that up to 15 locations will be accessible around the province.

Lines of Bet and Odds in the Game

You may anticipate seeing betting lines in Ontario identical to those seen in Las Vegas and on internet bookies located in the United States.

Nevertheless, there will be a few subtle but significant line deviations.

Always try to acquire the most excellent price you can on every wager; this is the most effective strategy to build up your bankroll.

Because the betting margins are so thin, you should take advantage of any advantage.

As a result, you ought to register accounts with as many different bookies as possible and look around for the best line you can find each time you place a bet.


New bettors are always welcome on betting sites.

They will most likely provide deposit incentives when you sign up and fund an account, and they will then sprinkle in odds boost and other offers to keep you happy and playing. Keeping you pleased and playing is their goal.

Most of the time, deposit bonuses come in the form of bet insurance.

In most cases, you will be eligible for bet insurance up to the value of your initial wager, which may go as high as a thousand dollars.

You may only be eligible for the insurance if you come out ahead on that bet, but you’ll come out ahead regardless of the outcome.

To maintain the insurance amount, you will most likely need to roll it over into a new policy.

A gives me bet is another type of sign-up incentive that sportsbooks provide. An example of this type of bet would be “Bet $1 on the Super Bowl, and we’ll give you $200 in bonus money if either team scores a touchdown.”

It is often less money than you will receive when you make a deposit, but it does not require you to make a deposit or risk $1,000 to earn it.


Apps for mobile betting on sports

Keep an eye out for new betting sites that could pop up in Ontario that also provide mobile betting applications.

The speed of the applications varies from site to site, even though most of them are relatively quick.

They are lovely in that you can check the odds instantly and place a wager in a matter of seconds if that is what you want to do.

You can, of course, access all of this information via your mobile phone from any location.

When can I make deposits and withdrawals?

The process of depositing money into an online betting account is quite simple.

It is both speedy and risk-free.

They are willing to take any forms of payment, including electronic checks, wire transfers, ACH bank transfers, prepaid cards, and credit cards.

It is important to note that bookies frequently accept PayPal and Venmo in the United States. Still, it is uncertain whether these payment options will be made available in the Canadian market.

In most cases, the funds will be available in your account within a few minutes.

Withdrawals are as secure and dependable as deposits, but not quite as much so.

It is far less complicated than in the days of bookies or offshore books, and you can rest assured that your money will be sent to you without any problems.

There are often fewer alternatives available for withdrawing money from bookmakers. Still, customers may always choose to have a check mailed to them, and most bookmakers also allow for bank transfers and other withdrawal methods.

The pace will be determined by the payment option that you select.

Checks can take up to a week to clear, while wire transfers, PayPal, and Venmo may clear within one or two business days.

Assistance to Customers

It is beneficial to have a customer support system that is both speedy and helpful accessible, as account issues might arise.

Live chat is typically the most effective method for contacting customer care personnel.

The majority of online sports betting systems have a Live Chat function, although not all of them.

If this is not the case, they will most likely offer help by email and phone.

Because the books also have substantial Search and FAQ sections, it is conceivable that you may be able to locate the solution to your issue without getting in touch with another person. 

FanDuel Ontario is one example of an online gambling website that offers remarkably high-quality customer assistance solutions.

Advice & Tactics for Amateurs in the World of Sports Betting

You will probably pick up some capacity for handicap games as you become more knowledgeable about sports. This means that you will be able to compute certain point spreads and totals and then compare the outcomes of your calculations to the actual betting markets.

This is incredibly beneficial, but ultimately, your profitability will be determined by how you manage your bankroll.

You will need to educate yourself on how to identify the most excellent rates at all times, properly time-specific sorts of bets, and how much money to commit to the wager toto be successful.

Register Your Accounts With Multiple Betting Platforms

Create accounts on as many different betting websites as you can.

When you place your bets, it is essential to do it at the most advantageous pricing.

If you bet on a spread that already has a point or half-point, adding a point or half-point can increase your chances of winning by 1% to 2%.

Every time you bet at -105 rather than -110, you have the potential to save a few dollars on a loss.

And everything adds up over time.

To obtain the greatest possible pricing, it is in your best interest to have as many betting selections as possible.

Browse the Various Lines

Always try to buy things in bulk whenever you can!

You will always obtain the most excellent pricing if you do things in this manner.

There are websites and services available that will list all of the marketplaces currently open for business.

Put this information to work for you.

The odds that bookmakers provide are “juice,” and the industry norm for straight bets is -110.

However, if you browse around for the best odds, you may significantly lessen or even get rid of the house edge by making your bet at the best possible price.

Maintain Your Faith in Your Betting System

There is no single betting method available that is guaranteed to win every time.

However, this does not indicate any value in utilizing a betting method.

You must approach this problem in a manner that makes you feel at ease and confident.

Let’s pretend you enjoy betting NFL Unders.

Maybe you could develop some criteria or use an existing betting system that plays particular unders.

The outcomes of bets are unpredictable in the short term but tend to return to their mean over more extended time frames.

You will likely get more excellent results than if you took a more random approach if you continue to have faith in your strategy and remain diligent in implementing it.

Begin with bets on straight lines.

Straight bets are the wagers that can be understood with the least effort, and as a result, they are an excellent starting point for beginner gamblers.

The point spread or total is often adjusted at a level that evens out the probability, resulting in odds usually somewhere around fifty percent.

The outcome of a toss of the coin might be “heads” twenty times in a row, although this happening is highly unusual.

It is highly improbable that you will strike or miss everything you touch in the same vein.

A good strategy for getting your feet wet in gambling is, to begin with, tiny amounts and gamble straight away.

Making Small Wagers

Bet using your mind rather than your heart.

And be sure to manage your cash carefully.

You may familiarize yourself with the entire process of putting money down on a game and then observing how well you control the action by placing little bets.

You will discover that it is far preferable to have some net profits and regret not betting more than it is to lose too much money too soon and run out of cash before getting started with the game.

Live Betting

Live betting may be a lot of fun, and it’s also a place where you might be able to locate some advantages.

When it comes to Live Bets, online gambling firms for sports typically depend on algorithms to determine their betting markets.

In addition, the point spreads for the odds are far more significant than they were before the game.

In contrast to the usual pregame line of -110, it is frequently set at -115 on either side. 

However, these algorithms can be sluggish in responding to changes in a live game. This can be the case when there is an injury to a critical player, when an NBA star is in foul trouble, or when there are a variety of other unanticipated circumstances.

As a consequence of this, it is possible to discover some inefficiencies in live markets periodically.

BetRivers Ontario is one online gambling destination that stands out due to the quality of the live betting experience it provides.

Do you know who are more gamblers – men or women? We’re sure you’ll immediately answer that it’s men. But statistics tell a different story. Read “Women Are Signing Up For Mobile Sports Betting Apps At A Faster Rate Than Men,” and you’ll be surprised how much more active women have become than men when it comes to betting and online casinos.


When may I place a wager on a sporting event in Ontario?

In Ontario, beginning on April 4, you will be able to wager on sports using your mobile device and the internet.

Does it seem like Las Vegas has the most efficient lines?

No, waiting times at casinos in Las Vegas or elsewhere are not always better than those at other casinos.Because skilled gamblers will take advantage of any lines that stray too far, the prices in Ontario will almost precisely mimic the prices you see in Vegas.

What exactly does “handicap” mean in the province of Ontario?

The handicapping process determines the pricing on betting markets.
Betting uses handicapping to determine the lines, and bettors use handicapping to decide on their lines. Bettors may choose to wager on games in which their handicapping work indicates an advantage in their number compared to the number used by the bookmaker.

What is the wager that has the lowest house edge in Ontario?

More precisely, betting on heavy favourite results in the least amount of difficulty.
However, this will be reflected in the odds, as you will need to wager a pretty high sum to win a relatively small amount.

What kind of sports wager is considered the most successful in Ontario?

Straight bets often have the lowest juice rates, making them the most profitable form of chance in the long run.
Bettors could discover that they are better at handicapping other bets, but it doesn’t mean that the rule is set in stone.

What kinds of wagers in Ontario generate the highest revenue?

Straight bets often have the lowest juice rates, making them the most profitable form of chance in the long run.
Bettors could discover that they are better at handicapping other bets, but it doesn’t mean that the rule is set in stone.

What is the proper way to read the betting lines in Ontario?

You will see that American Odds are used for most of the costs.
When the odds are unfavourable, they tell you how much money you have to put up to win $100.
Therefore, -110 indicates that you must wager $110 to earn $100.
On the other hand, favourable odds such as +120 suggest that a wager of $100 will earn $120.