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AGSI - Profile of the Month - December 2017

November 30, 2017 12:47 PM | Anonymous

AGSI (Angus Geosolutions Inc.) is the leader in Canada for verified, complete and geographically accurate building level address data. Our unique information satisfies enterprise needs ranging from detailed engineering to work dispatch, marketing analytics, customer service, outage management and more.

 A complete land base solution offers roads, rail, water bodies, points of interest, and land ownership parcels. AGSI also integrates and supplies 3rd party data such as 6-digit postal codes, demographic data, residential and business phone numbers, cadastre and imagery. All information is continuously maintained, for the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate spatial data warehouse available in Canada.

 AGSI’s data is live via AGSI’s web based Go360 cloud based address validation and geo-coding software engine. The Go360 cloud based platform is leveraged by diverse organizations with complex business problems. Go360 provides address validation, building level geo-coding, data appending, and engineering analytics and fulfills any reporting needs. Our end client organizations range from Canada’s largest Telco’s, insurance and banking, electric / gas utilities, marketing, law enforcement, homeland security, military, E911 dispatch and all levels of government.

 Public awareness programs are enabled with a complete spatial data set defining their right-of-way (ROW) extents.  AGSI’s data in conjunction with AGSI’s Go360 web-based platform provides information on private and public land owners that are adjacent and adjoining to the program’s federal ROW lands. Employees access AGSI powered map data overlaid with asset data, sites and valves.  This data can be drilled down to individual parcels providing physical parcel information such as legal land description, address and coordinates.

AGSI is a 10+ years, Corporate member of URISA Ontario, a BeSpatial exhibitor and presenter. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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