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Principal Point Geospatial Solutions (PPGS) - Profile of the Month - June 2018

June 01, 2018 1:37 PM | Anonymous

Principal Point Geospatial Solutions (PPGS) - Profile of the Month - June 2018

Principal Point Geospatial Solutions (PPGS) provides aerial video, imagery, two and three-dimensional geospatial data products for engineering, environmental, and industrial applications via aerial, satellite, terrestrial data collection systems and other related geotechnologies.  Our predominant focus is on small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) where we offer aviation administration, program development, Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) applications, flight operation and data collection/processing services.  PPGS can fly custom sensors, tailor solutions to customer specifications or provide customized sUAS consultation and training services (i.e. Transport Canada Pilot Permit Exam Prep, command and control, mapping data collection).

In addition to traditional ground control survey based projects, PPGS offers Post-Processed-Kinematic (PPK) based flight operations and corresponding data products. PPK flight operations allow for precise flying and high end positional accuracy data products without the need for ground control.

PPGS’ data processing services include analytical mapping, metric/interpretative photogrammetric feature extraction, point cloud classification, bare earth elevation models, contours, surface breaklines, planimetrics, volumes, change detection, habitat mapping, drainage and land cover/use mapping.  Standard products include orthorectified image base maps, point clouds, terrain/surface models and vector data.  Our flight operation and processing workflows have been developed and vetted by an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist.

Founded in 2014, PPGS leverages over 50 years of collective, applied, domain specific expertise in aviation and geospatial technologies.  PPGS holds a standing SFOC for all of Canada which, allows flight operation execution without project specific filing delays.  PPGS works predominantly with organizations that seek to expand into adjacent disciplines or investigate new methodologies.

Principle Point is a new Corporate member and Consultant's Corner exhibitor.

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